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What are the steps of hair transplant procedure?

what is hair transplant procedure?


Hair transplant is a procedure typically took place under local anesthesia in which surgeon and dermatologist move hair to the bald area of the head from the front of the head which is called donor area

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What is the reasons of hair loss?


  • Pattern baldness; it is related to genes and hormones.

  • diet

  • Illness 

  • medications

  • hormonal imbalance 


What are the steps of hair transplant procedure? 

Generally, several surgical sessions may be needed to achieve satisfactory fullness, and a healing interval of several months is usually recommended between each session. 

1. Trimming the donor area shortly to be easily accessed and removed.

2. Then, removing small punch of grafts from donor area without adversely affection (Harvest stage).

3. The collected hair grafts are arranged, preserved and nourishing in suitable media.

4. Drawing the frontline according to face shape and anatomy of the face for good looking.

5. Then, Dividing the whole baldness area into tiny sections.

6. these grafts are relocated in bald area; each graft contains from two-four hairs. In this stage the doctor uses a sharp carbon steel tool; Sapphire or DHI according to baldness area.

7. the whole coverage depends on the case. Additionally, the doctor takes a great care about the natural direction of the hair

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What should you expect after hair transplant procedure

  • Bandages are removed after 3 day

  • Patient may gently wash hair within 3 days following according to doctor instructions. 

  • After several days, patient can make light activities 

  • Normally, after six weeks, patient may faces hair fall outs.

  • Hair resumes growth from five-six weeks.

  • Following-ups is important until the final result.

Some facts you should know before you decide:

  • The transplanted hair behaves like natural hair

  • Use of local anesthesia makes it a painless procedure and the patient can go home the same day.

  • Every case of baldness does not have a solution in hair transplantation. It entirely depends on case to case basis.

  • The cost of the procedure depends on the number of grafts & the technique that will be used. The more the number of grafts, the higher the cost.


Side effects of hair transplant:

  • Mild swelling and itching for a few days

  • temporary scabbing where the hair was transplanted


Why you should choose Change me clinics?

  • All hair transplant team are certified doctors (surgeons and dermatologists) to take care of patients during and post procedure using developed techniques.

  • fully equipped rooms and sterilized on daily basis 

  • Haircutting rooms available independently which will be needed before performing hair transplant procedure

  • A comfortable, air-conditioned and fully-served waiting area.

  • Nursing Stuff with a high degree of responsibility for comforting patients and meeting all his requirements.

  • Availability of advanced facilitates.

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