Ultrasonic liposuction

Vaser liposuction, also called LipoSelection, is another alternate technology to traditional liposuction. Vaser ultrasonic liposuction is still a process by which fatty deposits are removed from beneath the skin to improve the aesthetics of a particular body part. Optimally, patients who are treated by Vaser liposuction are in good physical condition and are looking for a contouring or body sculpturing as opposed to using liposuction as a way to lose weight.

How it's done

In the case of vaser liposuction, tumescent liquid, or a saline solution mixed with anesthetics, is injected into the body area being treated. Instead of using a cannula and manual movement to break down the fat tissue, or a laser, or water pressure, vaser liposuction uses ultrasound high frequency vibration to break fat cells apart.

The cosmetic surgeon uses Vaser ultrasonic probes, inserted into the fatty tissue to gently break the fat cells down. The vibration gently disengages and loosens the fat cells and ultimately emulsifies the tumescent fluid that has been infused into the body area. Once the emulsification is in process, a small cannula is used to remove the liquid and the fat cells. Some of the local anesthetic remains in the tissue and that helps to reduce post-procedural pain.


Difference between tumescent liposuction and vaser?
  Tumescent liposuction is a two-step process.The fat is first filled with tumescent solution.This is simple saline solution same stuff that is used for IV drips. It is mixed with lidocaine which is a numbing agent  and epinephrine.The epinephrine causes blood vessels to constrict tightly minimizing bleeding during the procedure.It also allows the use of much higher doses of lidocainesafely.All forms of liposuction  include tumesceing the fat first.Tumescent liposuction  simply means following  tumesceing   with liposuction using a standard liposuction cannula. 

VASER is a three-step process.After placing the tumescent solution a thin ultrasound probe is moved back-and-forth throughout the fatty layers.This probe liquefies the fat making it easier to remove it.The third step is again using a regular liposuction cannula to remove the fat. 

Benefits of VaserLipo over Traditional Liposuction:

  • Vaser Liposuction is pain-free and comfortable, while traditional method involves forceful extraction of fat which can be traumatic

  • Vaser Liposuction needs hardly any recovery time as it is minimally invasive. Traditional liposuction would require more time for recovery as it can lead to internal injuries

  • Vaser Liposuction improves the elasticity of your skin and helps your body to adapt to the contours quickly. Traditional liposuction may lead to irregular fat depositions forming lumps or blood clots on your skin.

  • Vaserlipo does not involve any sutures or scars, while traditional liposuction may leave quarter or half inch scars from the incisions that are suture-closed. These may time some amount of time to fade away.

  • Apart from a little bit of itching and swelling you may not come across any side effects in Vaser Liposuction. However, Traditional method of liposuction involves many side effects such as blood clots, lumps, infections, internal injuries and so on.

  • Traditional liposuction may require a further process of skin tightening and body contouring to achieve the desired results, which might turn out expensive. VaserLipo gives you a toned body with tightened skin without necessitating any further procedures. This makes it a cost-effective option when compared to traditional method of Liposuction


Do I go home straight after the procedure?

  • You will be allowed to leave the clinic as soon as you feel you’re ready. We allow our patients to take their time, but an overnight stay is not necessary with VASER Lipo.  

  • We recommend that you take 2-3 days off work to adjust to any discomfort you may feel.

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