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Discussion on the scalp anatomy and aesthesia used during the procedure.
Discussion on the equipment and instruments used in hair restoration surgery.
Introduction to the steps of hair restoration surgery including donor site harvesting, graft preparation and conservation, slitting and graft insertion.
Discussion on the causes of male and female alopecia.
Practical training on the pre- and post-operative pharmaceutical treatment.
Upon the completion of the course,

you will be awarded an internationally accredited certificate stating the course and the practice hours you have attended.
Required documents:
-Bachelor's Degree in Medicine.
-Valid practicing license.
-Personal ID or Passport

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لأول مرة في مصر كورس زراعه الشعر عملياً

Change Me Academy announces the launch of its medical course to teach you the practical hand skills required to make you a more successful surgeon.

Under the observation of Dr. Z International and the doctors at Change Me clinics,

you will receive a first-hand experience of the basics of aesthetic medicine.

The course includes the hair transplantation course which will cover the following topics:

Discussion on case selection and the role of medical treatment in hair restoration medicine.

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